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Ready, by Nicholas Whitehead

Poised and ready,
He stood on the back of the couch,
Quite high when you take into account
The boy is only two.

But he is ready:
He’s had two whole years to practice.
As I walk into the room and see him,
He leaps.

A smile wraps up his face,
His eyes wide and aware.
I cannot be swift enough
To stop him or even hope to catch him,

But as I said
He was ready,
Born that way in fact.
Doc said it was quite strange but indeed true.

With such grace I might never see again,
Smooth as an Olympic gymnast
His feet find the floor
And he dashes into the kitchen.
For one second
My heart beat a thousand times,
No, a million
And wore itself out.

My boy
I can only hope
That the day you run short of ground
You have grown wings.

The Fields

by David Vlaj

2010 Winner Honorable Mention Poetry
MATC Student


Photo of a field


In a railroad town
on a warm Sunday morning.
Flags of red, white, and blue wave in the gentle breeze
as we pass the tiny homes.
A family walks out of a diner.
The sound of church bells in the distance.
A small child is eating a hotdog next to his father.
Standing deep into the field,the sun is gentle,
the sky is an ocean.
A roar of the train behind me.
The fishermen next to the pond.
In the fields at night,the land stands silent next to the cornfield.
It finds some companions for the evening.
We are surrounded by lavender sun drops.
Bright towers hover above us,
pointing to the stars.
A silhouette of the farmhouse.
The smell of the grass,
a cheer of the crowd,
as the world around us calmly goes to sleep.

Three Strikes, by Megan Simon

Published Phoenix 2010

Baseball and Glove

“Three Strikes” by Megan Simon


My Child: Your Gift, by Vicky Hennegan

Again I will show you, just how remarkable are thee

how much I love you and that I created you, especially for Me.

The gifts I have bestowed upon each one of you

is completely individual you see.

No two of you the same, an exquisite art work, made personally by Me

my great masterpiece, my best work, so beautifully perfect are thee


And now for your gift, further proof how valuable My Child must be

exists in your soul, a divine spark, to be a creator like Me

If blessed with a soul mate so devoted to thee, execute my plan to perfection,

so the one who loves you – also loves Me

Who will treat you like My Princess Child, but on earth can it be?

of course — all is possible. My Children listen carefully to Me


And through your love, your bond, your joining you’ll see

My most exquisite gift, My signature, half your DNA it will be

A Child created by the two of you, bonded and secure in your love

as I always meant it to be

More …

My Child: A Spiritual Reflection, by Vicky Hennegan



My Child: A Spiritual Reflection

You’d never have allowed yourself, never forgiven yourself,

never have set yourself free.

Never have deemed yourself worthy, had I not prepared a path for you

to follow,  held the light for you to see.


Only within the light of my reflection, within the safety of my never ending,

never changing — love could you see.

Could you open your eyes wide enough, to contemplate your brightness,

ponder yourself being, what I’ve always known you to be.


You See My Children…

You are on a journey…. to eventually becoming…

eventually becoming just like me

An angel of Light in the Darkness … that shines brightly …

so bright all will one day see


This is my gift to you… You had been designed from the beginning

to be just like me.

Created in my image, crafted from my hands, my master work

my reflection — the way I created you to be. More …

The Big City, by Jennifer Suter

Entry for Phoenix 2011

MATC Student Jennifer Suter

"The Big City" by Jennifer Suter

Life, by Jennifer Suter

Entry for Phoenix 2011

MATC Student Jennifer Suter

"Life" by Jennifer Suter