Dichotomy of Fervency, by Dennis Wiedenhoeft

When, you see the world and know your part in it

When, you find that you are not the same as others

When, you find pleasure constricts your efforts

When, you know this could be changed at a severe cost

When, you know payment, undermines the principal

What do you do?

When, you have a gift that defines you

When, you have a passion that consumes you

When, you have a knowledge that plagues you

When, it calls in every breath and thought

When, it shows you its potential to life

What do you do?

When, you care enough to be someone’s idea

When, you feel that idea isn’t who you should be

When, you’re scared that it will devalue meaning

When, you see and understand the truth

When, you wish that you could do both

What do you do?

When, you know one is unquantifiable, and the other unattainable

When, one is important, and the other is priceless

When, you believe one is life, and the other makes it worth living

When, one is a prayer and the other a hope

When, both subjugate you to separate paths

What do you do?

When, you see other’s intimacy and know it’s not you

When, you see one in each compromising act

When, you’re not the one you see as the other

When, you want to be and know that you can’t

When, it makes you hurt

What do you do?

When, you know your actions have purpose

When, you hold to it because you must

When, you are its pioneering force

When, you hold parts of the balance

When, it is affected by your actions

What do you do?

When, you can’t determine which has greater value

When, you feel the pain caused by both

When, both take you to a place of bliss

When, others can travel on either side of the path

When, you have to walk the line

What do you do?

When, both want all of you

When, both want more than you are

When, both know you are more than what’s perceived

When, both are uncomfortable with contentment

When, both will always want more than you can give

What do you do?

When, you cross the point of no return

When, you believe in the future of the human race

When, the human race doesn’t believe in its future

When, you care enough to live by what you reason

When, that reason leads you not to care

What do you do?

When, you know the answer

When, you want to change the answer

When, you carry the stain of the past

When, you are wired to love the unlovable

When, you want to give in, but despise the urge

What do you do?

When, one is unfeeling, and the other is uncaring

When, one is set to consume, and the other to absorb

When, one saves, and the other liberates

When, one hates, and the other is ambivalent

When, one is selfish, and the other is tyrannical

What do you do?

When, you can be something wonderful

When, you could have something wonderful

When, it feels right, but appears wrong

When, it appears right, but feels wrong

When, everyday confusion and insight, grow

What do you do?

To live the life you want

To define your path to happiness

To be the person you idealize

To make the choices, leading to satisfaction

To create at your highest potential

What do you do?

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