Sober, by Dolores Klitzka


the simplest thought of you sickens me.
i can’t get it out any other way, i’m sorry.
i don’t know what you did to me
the signs were all there
that you hated my longing stare
you never once wanted my touch
it was you who made me give in
this sin around me i have created
and fumbled with somehow
will swallow me whole
as the pill i swallow now
take a reliever for pain
show no remorse for your gain
i promise never again
to fall victim to sin

stuffed away in a locket
i will hide my feelings in my pocket
they have no use now
i attempted to bow out early
but i could never leave your side
i guess i was the fool
whose heart never died
it was the last thrill
that killed my last will

you tempted me
you stole my sanity
you left me hollow
you left me begging
you thought you could see
you never believed
you sicken me

i tempted myself
i stole my own sanity
i left my self hollow
i left myself begging
i thought i could see
i never believed that
i could be
the one to sicken me

if in this you find darkness
you are not looking for light
follow the words, don’t think them precise
quit projecting what you think
it would be like to be me.
because within this simple gift
i was granted sobriety

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