Two Poems, by Nicholas Whitehead

A Dream I Had One Night
I can feel it
From the deepest pit
Of my guts
My darkest frustration
With everything
every damn thing
My biased-for-me place
This thing
begins to boil
heats my center
And begins to rumble
Vibrating my core
I can feel it claw
Tearing out of my throat
A scream of such magnitude
Everything in the world becomes silent
Everyone, everything around me
Fades slowly into whiteness
Only I am left
And now my voice is gone

Weighted Down
She writhes in my arms
And wets my t-shirt
With her angry tears
Staring with frustrated eyes
Demanding that I know
That I realize
How obvious her need is
For her it is so crystal
So perfectly apparent
And yet why do I continue doing the wrong thing
How could you believe I’m hungry?
You just changed me
Put me down
Pick me up
Carry me over there
Make things better
One by one I go down the list
Console, console, console
Hold, walk, swing
Feed, change, play
Futile, all of it
So along we go
I try, she cries
Hours pass
After one hundred years
She goes heavy
Twice what she weighed before
Today was a rough one
Intense is the frustration
Of not knowing how to fix
Doubly so
Is the thought of such powerful love
Such affection without bound

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