Sweet Silence, by Reggie Finlayson

I need to

turn down the volume

on the world


cus the space

between my ears

done shrunk to

a knot of confusion

Bum rushed by Limbasity

pecked by Beck’s feckless lies

drowned in that  chorus of nonsense

echoed in foxholes

shouted loud

shouted long enough

new truths spring up from lies

and zealots carry banners

as if marching off to war

          “…there’s no evolution

          there’s no climate change

          let’s stop the spooky black man

          should of been John McCain

in the

          white house,”


wing nuts take the statehouse

sound their battle cries:

strip women of their right to choose

suppress the young black vote

shake down the working man once more

and ban all union strikes;

stall railroad progress in its tracks

nip green business in the bud

heap more wealth upon the wealthy

while halting healthcare for the poor.

They want their country back again

to 1954?

when white power ruled the land at large

and those of color had no say

 I see their mouths a moving

          and hear a cacophony of lies

 ring in my ears so loud

it hurts to even think…

I need to

turn down the volume

on the world sometimes,

but who knows what they’d say

if I do.

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