Change, by Christian Frohlich

Do you see change as progress or the absence of a dollar bill?
There are those who would kill for the change some change could fulfill
However many strains remain to contain your brain
If we educated history the events wouldn’t change
We teach ourselves the failures of man yet operate the same
They only stop for red octagons they don’t stop for what I say
See every change has a cost lost profits for those who pay
We avoid the beneficial if the man with the Benjamins isn’t the beneficiary
What that means is our greed reigns supreme
Human nature the fumes and vapors smoke and mirrors
Open clearer and revoke the fear of losing change to make change
Only knowledge brings power currency is currently diverting me
But I would be worry free if I didn’t need it just to further me
See I debit for my credits exchanged paper for my textbooks
Until I’m smothered in my dues feeling like my neck’s hooked
It’s ironic the information you pursue is right in front of you
Free of charge at large but the problem isn’t school
Our mentality teaches us to think of money first it’s almost surreal
Still, do you think of change as progress, or the absence of a dollar bill?

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