Just A Mom (A Eulogy), by Kathryn Lenten

Tumultuous Childhood with No End
No Direction in Which to Send
Me to a Place of Confidence
To Believe I’m More Than Happenstance
Search for my Identity
To Leave the Harsh Reality

Forward Moves on Paths Directed
By a Power

Leads me to my Children Born
From my womb
They come adorned
With my Love

Fragrance None that can Compare
To the Smell of Newborn Hair
I Breath it In

Nestled Safely in my Arms
Promise to Protect from Harm
Why I was Born

To Effect Them

Into Being
Kind and Caring Loving Feeling
Always Sharing Never Harming
Gentle Souls

Just a Mom I’ve Now Become
Maybe Not Enough for Some
Though for Me
It Could not Be
Any Better

Than These Years That Have Gone By
Caring for You
You Know Why

Because I Love You

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
I Pray Thee Lord My Soul to Keep
And All My Children
Safe from Harm
Until Together
In Your Arms

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