The La La La, by Terrance Ilion

Young and vibrant

So full of energy, these three

As they were walking, they could not see

The lifeless soul that lies underneath

Retinas detached subliminally.

Caught up in the la la la

Danger was obvious to most but not all

Through bloody eye’s sight was hindered


Caught up in the la la la, which isn’t really reality.

Underneath the pretty leaves and glossy buds,

Lies poor judgment, broken covenants,

But you can’t see retinas detached subliminally.


Even tho the dank was rank, the skunk stunk.

It’s made to be good when deep down they know they should,


The la la la prevents any authentic thought

Through the fog, they could not see retinas detached subliminally.


Kings and Queens they really should be

God given talents up in smoke literally,

Others can taste it, wondering why and how they waste it

Doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs.


Half-baked mighty and great men and women they should be,

But they can’t see, eyes slanted, caught up in the la la la

Retinas detached subliminally

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