Hearts are broken everyday, by Angela Elwing

Hearts are broken everyday,

Who knew mine would be the next to pay.

I really loved that man you see,

Now I writhe in agony.

So many things were said,

And I thought them to be true.

Lies, lies, lies.

What’s new?

What can I do but sit and wait,

They all say that time will abate.

But time is slow and I’m losing fast,

Is this Karma from my past?

Broken hearts are not for me,

I wait for love to set me free.

Free from sadness and free from pain,

Free from this newfound world of the mundane.

His eyes were my light,

His caress was my soul.

He was my entire world,

But all that remains is a black hole.

I gave him my all,

My entire self.

He gave me back pieces,

All too small to help.

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