Mary’s Place, by Mary Krick

Every time I enter my bedroom I am greeted by a familiar compact explosion of color and chaos.  The room will soon be full of fresh outdoor air and the delightfully light scent of an angel whispers glade candle.  To the right of the door opening is a small place just for cats.  Two glass dishes, one filled with fresh water and the other overflowing with dry cat chow are placed next to a pile of feathery toy mice.  A nightstand consumed by clutter is placed next to a neatly made bed which is covered with a rainbow of various fluffy pillows of all shapes and sizes.  In front of the bed is an antique vanity with an oversized mirror hidden behind a television and a vacant hexagon fish tank.  To the right of the bed a ten gallon fish tank occupied by two zebra danios sits atop a book case which is stocked from top to bottom with video tapes and DVD cases.  The gentle sloshing of the fish tank filter is accompanied by the soft whir of a box fan placed in the only accessible window across from the bed.  All four white walls are masked by brightly colored black light reactive posters that seem to pop right off of the wall.  I simply cannot survive if my personal space is boring or dull.

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