Hero, by Kayla Peschong

The word hero can be construed in so many ways. A hero has many definitions. A common definition of a hero is a mythological or legendary figure that has great strength or abilities. A hero can also be a warrior or a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities, even someone who displays great courage. The most common definition of a hero is someone who’s admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. To me a hero is someone that is always there for me, who I count on always being there when I need them. Being a hero doesn’t mean you have to be able to fly through the air and save the day. Being a hero is much more than that. Simply being the inspiration or motivation in someone’s life can make you a hero. The neighbor next door could be your hero or the stranger that pushed you out of the way of an oncoming car. I could go through and give so many more definitions of a hero, instead I’m choosing to use the real stories I’ve gotten from interviewing people I know.

My first interview was done with a high school student. Her name is Kristina and she is sixteen years old. I first asked her what she thought a hero was. Kristina’s definition of a hero is someone that you look up to and inspires you to do better. I asked Kristina who her hero was and she said that her mom was her hero. Her mom is her hero

because she has always been there for her through the bad and the good. Her mom is a single mother to four kids with no help. She looks up to her mom because she does everything in her power to support there family. Sometimes her mom had to do things that she wasn’t proud of but she had to do them in order to survive. At one point in her life her family was homeless with nothing and her mom changed that. Kristina has a great mother and in her eyes she’s heroic (Bernadette).

The second person that I interviewed was my best friend. Her name is Jen and she is twenty-seven years old. First I asked her what her definition of a hero was. Jen defined a hero as someone who is courageous and is selfless by putting themselves in harms way to protect others. Jen’s heroes in her life are her parents. They’re her hero because they’ve taught her good morals and set good examples. Her parents always gave up time, money, and energy to make her the person that she is today. She understands her parents aren’t perfect but they always tried to teach her right from wrong (Schlinsky).

I thought the next person to ask what a hero is was me myself. I think a hero is someone that makes the biggest impact on your life. A hero to me keeps you believing in others and having hope for tomorrow. It took me a nice amount of time to realize who my hero was. After thinking about it for a while I realized that my two precious little girls were my heroes. My little girls are always there for me when I happy and when I’m sad. They have taught me more than any other person in my life has. I learned how to develop patients, which for me wasn’t an easy thing to do. They also showed me what

unconditional love was and how it felt. My children give me confidence and courage to stand up to the many hardships that I endure. They’ve given me the inspiration that I needed to do better in every aspect of my life. Most of all they’ve made me the woman I have become today and a better person for tomorrow and for that I can only thank them. Ayanna and Karma are my precious angles and they have no idea that at such a young age they are someone’s hero. They don’t even know what a hero is. Not only do my girls depend on me but I depend on them as well. My girls are my hero.

My conclusion of a hero is very simple, for the fact that any person can be a hero. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It makes no difference if you’re a girl or a boy. A hero is any person who is admired for qualities so grand and achievements so great. No matter what your definition of a hero is there is no wrong answer. No matter who your hero is they are your hero and for that they’re special to you because of the impact they’ve left on your life. I know it took me a while to figure out who my hero is, as it did for the people I interviewed. I think everyone should take the time and think about whom that special person is and why they’re your hero. You might just shock yourself with your answer, I know I did.


Bernadette, Kristina. Personal Interview. 7 November 2011.

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