My Mirror Lied, by Shenekia Sabrina Pinkston

My mirror lied to me.

Showed me a face full of dreams.

Made me believe I was happy when I was not coated my eyes with happiness, until pain revealed it was not true.

Spitting up my pride as I die slowly inside.

Unlocking my tortured soul onto a diversity of emotion.

My mirror lied to me.

Shoed me a life full of hope.

 Made me believe that there was more.

My reflection denies my gratitude.

Finding a source of remorse bleeds out my veins.

My mirror lied to me.

Showed me I was pretty when deep down I’m not.

Made me conceited when I really had low self -esteem.

Giving me the false image of beauty as I knew a beast showed through, but why did my mirror lie to me?

Give me hopes and dreams?

As I gladly pass this depression I’m left with an impression of me.

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