These People I Love, by Gage Stewart

People are my drug of choice. They fuck you up

They fuck you.

Treat you loving you madly! Gladly!

Or beat you breaking you badly.

They intimidate with a confident glance.

They create paranoia

Then tense up the body,

Creating an empty space in the mind waiting to be filled with the worst possible outcome.

People are a bet with your mind.

People are a euphoric blossom of love

Embracing you

Tracing you, a stencil on the board.

That one person, whats’er name?

She got you so high once your vessel actually soared!

People are a droplet you place on your tongue

To make you want to smile, sing songs that need to be sung!

People make you cry


Or die.

Even make you wait awhile

A speck of dust on a dirty tile.

Not to say you don’t know this of course

For we are all addicts with brown and black smudges of remorse.

We’ve all gotten that bad batch

And no one is to blame, that shit is hard to catch.

But the good ones you want to frame.

12”x12” portrait on the wall

Say, “Yea, that was my drug. We got fucked up and experienced it all.”

They take you on a journey of eternal thanks of being.

Open the doors to things in life you’ve never thought of seeing.

People are my drug of choice

Their story

Their voice.

But I’ve been sober now for hours.

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