Day Off, by Kabntsig Xiong

The alarm clock rang.

His pale stubby hand slammed into the object and silenced it. Grunting, he pushed the heavy white blanket aside and squinted to look at the time. It read 4:00 AM.

The celebrity shot up. He looked out the window, the half moon peering into his bedroom. The silence of the early morning seeped into him. He rubbed his eyes, his thick black hair disorderly. He’d had only three hours of sleep.

“Free day,” Nino mumbled.

Inside his dark bedroom, he pulled off the covers and put on the white slippers stationed by his bedside. The cold air clung onto his fair skin. He stood up, revealing a lean fragile frame, five feet and six centimeters, wearing a white t-shirt that looked too big on him and pink sweats. Nino yawned and stretched his arms. Guided only by the moonlight, he walked around the comic books and games piled on the floor, passed his guitar and piano, and into the darkness of his bathroom. He washed up and minutes later he was sitting across his flat screen T.V with his game controller in hand. He relaxed comfortably on the hard, cold, wooden floor, leaning against his sofa.

“Not good.” He searched around the surrounding area, using the lights coming from the screen as guide. “Where is it?” Nino stood up and thought. Seconds later he returned to his bedroom and found the smart phone lying on top of his desk along with a few lyrics, pencils, books and a script.

He had a text message.

Nino, what’s your schedule today?

“Sorry,” Nino drawled and turned off his cell. No one was going to bother him today, not his manager, not even his friends.

“Today’s my day off,” Nino told the phone before throwing it onto the bed and headed towards his living room. There was no time to waste, especially when he knew that tomorrow was going to be another full day of work.

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