Long Journey, by Holly Wilde

Sinking. Faltering.

Losing control of life.

In too deep. No way out.

The journey is unforgiving.

Heart full of doubt.

It will get better, they say.

Be strong, they say.

I hope. I dream of that day.

Hand over the burden.

For a minute. For an hour.

To not feel the weight

A blessing.

A power.

Taking it back little by little.

Strength. Perseverance.

Help rolls off the tongue.

The first step is taken forward.

The next step has begun.

Pulling out of the sink hole.

Fighting. Loving.

No more falling.

No longer alone

In a lifetime of stalling.

Coming through to the other side.

Seeing the light.

Picking up the pieces

that have shattered around me

in the dark of night

It will be ok, they say.

and in the light of day,

on the moons hem

I am starting to believe them.

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