Dominic, by Veronika Greco


We think he has Downs

Crying, anguish, fear, distress

He looks different- but maybe they’re wrong

No, it’s true- what am I going to do

Love him, squeeze him, praise Him, teach him

Cool glasses Dominic!

Four eyes – four eyes (taunting)

Momma – no 4 eyes – only 2

I know sweetie, they can’t count

Those foot braces look awesome!

He runs like a chicken (taunting)

Momma – no chicken- I go fast

I know sweetie, first place, first place

Time for speech

Duh, duh, duh, duh (taunting)

Momma- no duh, duh – I talk good

I know sweetie, they just couldn’t hear you

Re-tard, Re-tard (taunting)

Momma – no re-tard- I smart

I know sweetie, I love you


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