Work Out Place by Christopher Koester

Before entering my sterile sanctuary of fitness, I must first pass through two whispering, automatic doors where I am then greeted by my membership card reader. Upon entering, a powerful gust of cold air from the building’s air-cooling unit blows across me like a windy storm. To the far left, I am able to see rows upon rows of treadmills. Most of these fitness machines are occupied with runners, joggers, and even people who are just seeking a slow steady walk. The distant sound of steel clanging against steel from heavy barbells, dumbbells, and counter weights being dropped creates an encouraging ambiance. Looking down, I can see the floor is squeaky clean, and the slightest aroma of chlorine fills the vicinity and covers the machines of the recently cleaned. Around the corner to my rear is the gym’s cooler. That’s where many spend their final moments after a long, hard work out before exiting the gym.

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