The Blind Date, by Laura Rodriguez

All the sounds of the pitch black night are diminished by the suffocating air. The heat cloaks the cricket’s song in irritation while the owls exhausted “Hoo” is muffled by the heavy air. An uneven path can be felt under the soles as wild pawing in the darkness is used to grasp the humid air. Only after furious blinking are you convinced it is not your eyes but the night that is blinded by the lack of moonlight. As the pace slows the feeling of helplessness is replaced with dreadful fright of what might be waiting in the unseen path.

“Is anybody out there?” the anxious horse whispers. “I can’t see a thing, please tell me if anyone is out there! All I can smell is dirt and hot air.”

“Where are you? What is your name? Are you alone? My name is Mare; I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and got lost. Will you be so kind as to help me get out of here? My family will reward you handsomely for your assistance.” Claims Bear in a dainty gentle voice.

“Yes of course I will help! My name is Ace and I have traveled very far unaccompanied in search of a place to call home.” The horse exclaims proudly. As Horse’s fear fades he boastfully offers “In exchange for your safe return do you think your family will consider providing a lonesome wanderer a home and nice meal?”

Then in a flash the dark night lit up in a dazzling spectacle of meteor showers. Horse glanced over at Bear wearing night vision goggles, just in time to see his sharp jagged teeth bulging from his gaping wide mouth.

“You will be the most delicious meal I’ve tasted in a long time.” Declares Bear in a husky voice as he chomps down on the rear of frightened Horse. “Scrumptious!” He croons through his blood stained teeth.

“You liar!” Screeches Horse in agony as he fights to get away. “I thought you were Mare, I should have trusted my instincts! You reeked like a disgusting hibernating animal all along.”


The morals of the story are to never trust what you hear on a blind date and always trust your instincts. No matter how appealing someone sounds they may very well end up being the biggest pain in your ass ever!

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