The Oblivion of Love, by Gabriel Villa


Here among thorns I sleep

The pain is almost unbearably relentless

It keeps me shuddering; how can I rest?

But the loss of blood makes me weak

I dream about celestial grounds

Golden roads, crystal seas

My immortal body drifting upon absolution

But the pain in the awakening returns the oblivion



I make love to shadows:

Imagination, a murderous whore

Leaves her mark on my judgments

I loved every skin and bodily fortress

Keep my trust and I’ll forfeit my love

I know it is not reality – it is only imagination

But the pain in solitude forces me to the darkness

The darkness that follows;

The convenient shadow of oblivion



Dust falls from the ceiling as I contemplate

(No time to worry)

I must find my mind;

My mind that I seem to have lost

I don’t remember when but I remember where

In Barcelona; in your bed; gasping for air

They say it’s a sin – but I don’t care

I’ll find you again;

An encounter that must leave us bare

Sin and oblivion: that is the cost



Who is to blame for the solitude?

Who is to blame for the solstice?

Is it I of little faith; is it I of earthly skin?

Is it the God in Heaven?

Is it the invisible principalities?

Who is to say?

I cannot remember



The beauty of ignorance

The peace of blindness

The splendor of oblivion

A world of autonomy

I may not remember much

But, I know that I loved him

I know that I loved

I just cannot remember the sensation



Are we souls; Are we bodies?

Are we alive; Are we phantoms?

Are we forgetful; Are we deceitful?

Are we demons; Are we lovers?

Let us not waste more time asking

Let us just answer every question with “Yes.”

Let me go back to sleep among the thorns…

…to forget again

…to forget again

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