Daddy, don’t go; we’re on our way, By Denise Dembosky

 Got the news today, daddy’s very sick

Not much time to cry

Brother said, get here very quick

How can we gather a family of seven?

We live so far apart

Brother said come here now before he goes to heaven

Daddy don’t go, another’s on the way

Three of us are here to hold your hand

We each have so much to say

Doctors came in with flushing cheeks

The time we thought we had, they say; we’re sorry

It’s no longer months, but has turned into weeks

How can we rush these floods of memories?

Brother, what are we going to do?

Call the others to come; dad wants to hear more stories

Daddy don’t go, another’s on the way

Four of us are here to hold your hand

Let’s just talk about our day

Hold on tight; we’ve gone from days to hours

How can this time have passed so quickly?

There’s more to come, let’s fill his room with flowers

Daddy don’t go another’s on the way

Five of us are here to hold your hand

We can speak of come what may

Do you know the impact you have made on our lives?

We’ve shared our thanks and forgiveness

There will be more laughs, tears, and love

Two more to share . . . to add to our five

Daddy don’t go the other’s are on their way

Plane just landed with six and seven

We’re all here now to hold your hand

You’re not alone; we’re with you now as you go to heaven


Daddy you can go now, you’ve endured a lot of pain

To bring us all together and hold your hand

Oh brother, how do we stop the rain?

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