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Voices of the Phoenix–Episode 1


This is the first podcast of ‘Voices of the Phoenix’.  The poem ‘Mistakes’ is the literary piece. The files below are available for download.

For your convenience, we have also included the poem below.


Podcast Files

Voices of the Phoenix–Ep 1-Podcast of the Poem Mistakes-Part 1 of 3

Voices of the Phoenix–Ep 1-Podcast of the Poem Mistakes-Part 2 of 3

Voices of the Phoenix–Ep 1-Podcast of the Poem Mistakes-Part 3 of 3

 Poem File



We live our lives day after day

We’ve all had things in life that we wish we hadn’t done

Things that have happened as result of others’ actions

Things we have no control over,

due to not being able to change the past

All we have is our ability to control our present,

and our future;

These things, we call, Mistakes


You cannot run away from your mistakes,

As they will live with you,

In the back of your mind like a constant reminder;

Hoping to find your peace of mind,

Is a needle in a haystack

There is no peace of mind,

You can only ease it away,

But it’s always there

It’s a constant knocking on your head,

Telling you to hide yourself,

Don’t let them in,

Because you made a mistake to be hurt.

Even others, they have other problems,

More so like

Not letting your own family in,

Hiding yourself farther and farther in the darkness,

To soon be overwhelmed and feel hopeless.


These things we cannot change,

But for us to move forward,

We must move on from our past mistakes,

Even if they were not our own fault or reasoning to.

Worst things you can do, is to hide away,

Not ever trying again,

Not letting the ones who mean the most to you truly in,

Drinking the pain away,

Getting high every day to ease your mind as they destroy your inside,

Even suicidal attempts.


Nothing in our power will change the past,

Only to what we do with changing our present,

And our future.