While You’re Away, by Eileen Yvonne Rugolo

Think about me,

Just once in a while

During all those shows,

That will make you smile.

And I don’t mean,

Just the rock bands

I’m talking about,

Those with the tans.

I ask that you,

Don’t join in those games

And please don’t,

Get any names.

The only one,

That should be on your mind

Is the one at home,

Who is basically blind.

From all the things,

That will go on up there

I have to be strong,

And not have a care.

I’m trying to believe,

And to trust

I do need your help,

And this is quite just.

This is hard on me and,

I know you know why

The hurt is so deep,

I sometimes still sigh.

So be faithful,

And be true

Not only to me,

But, also to you.

These next five days,

For you will be fun,

But I’ll be wondering,

What has he done?

So please don’t you lie,

And do tell the truth

For I can take it,

Though I might not be couth.

Give me the respect,

That couples share

Do what you want,

But buyers beware!

I know that you love me,

I love you too

Don’t toss me aside,

Like some old shoe.

We’ve been through a lot,

I’ve been there for you

Through all those tough times,

With all that you do.

I care so deep,

For this relationship

Let’s not have a fest,

Make it take a dip.

Think about me,

Just once in a while,

That alone,

Will make me smile.

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