My Child: A Spiritual Reflection, by Vicky Hennegan



My Child: A Spiritual Reflection

You’d never have allowed yourself, never forgiven yourself,

never have set yourself free.

Never have deemed yourself worthy, had I not prepared a path for you

to follow,  held the light for you to see.


Only within the light of my reflection, within the safety of my never ending,

never changing — love could you see.

Could you open your eyes wide enough, to contemplate your brightness,

ponder yourself being, what I’ve always known you to be.


You See My Children…

You are on a journey…. to eventually becoming…

eventually becoming just like me

An angel of Light in the Darkness … that shines brightly …

so bright all will one day see


This is my gift to you… You had been designed from the beginning

to be just like me.

Created in my image, crafted from my hands, my master work

my reflection — the way I created you to be.


But our common attributes you could not see, through the cloudy, dull

reflection, what you saw yourself to be …

Through me … Only then … Would you gaze upon your own reflection and

see the beauty that I see …

For I am perfection! — The highest reflection of God!

What you COULD and WILL ALWAYS be


Were You Not Listening My Child…

When I told you – when I told you — follow me

follow me into the light of abundance — and be ALL that you can be.

For I Know You Well My Child…

I know the forgiveness you’d blind yourself from giving,

forgiveness that would set you free


I know all about you. You are more important, more loved

than you’d ever believe yourself to be!

You see My Child…

You Are Mine … You Live Deep in my Heart …

where You will ALWAYS and FOREVER be!

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