My Child: Your Gift, by Vicky Hennegan

Again I will show you, just how remarkable are thee

how much I love you and that I created you, especially for Me.

The gifts I have bestowed upon each one of you

is completely individual you see.

No two of you the same, an exquisite art work, made personally by Me

my great masterpiece, my best work, so beautifully perfect are thee


And now for your gift, further proof how valuable My Child must be

exists in your soul, a divine spark, to be a creator like Me

If blessed with a soul mate so devoted to thee, execute my plan to perfection,

so the one who loves you – also loves Me

Who will treat you like My Princess Child, but on earth can it be?

of course — all is possible. My Children listen carefully to Me


And through your love, your bond, your joining you’ll see

My most exquisite gift, My signature, half your DNA it will be

A Child created by the two of you, bonded and secure in your love

as I always meant it to be


My beloved, newest angel I trust safely to thee

to love them as I love you — until you ALL return to Me

My plan is so brilliant, so perfect, nothing else could it be

live happily My children, love each other — how I meant it to be


But because none are perfect — not yet anyway — there will be

some of My Children who struggle very hard, before returning to Me

By helping them, you will reflect My Perfect Son through thee

reminding all of My love, sent to them — through you — but from Me

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