The Fields

by David Vlaj

2010 Winner Honorable Mention Poetry
MATC Student


Photo of a field


In a railroad town
on a warm Sunday morning.
Flags of red, white, and blue wave in the gentle breeze
as we pass the tiny homes.
A family walks out of a diner.
The sound of church bells in the distance.
A small child is eating a hotdog next to his father.
Standing deep into the field,the sun is gentle,
the sky is an ocean.
A roar of the train behind me.
The fishermen next to the pond.
In the fields at night,the land stands silent next to the cornfield.
It finds some companions for the evening.
We are surrounded by lavender sun drops.
Bright towers hover above us,
pointing to the stars.
A silhouette of the farmhouse.
The smell of the grass,
a cheer of the crowd,
as the world around us calmly goes to sleep.

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