Samantha Bielicki, Three Poems



When someone’s feeling hopeless,
I try to give them a little hope.
Because life is hard and worthless
When you sit around and mope
When you look back at your past,
Don’t dwell, regret, and yearn.
Take a look at your mistakes,
And from them try and learn.
Don’t sit around and be pessimistic
Twist it, turn it, be artistic.
Learn to laugh off little things;
Open your heart, spread your wings.
Life’s gonna hand you a lemon,
Be strong and take it.
Some people pursue happiness,
But I choose to create it.

That Girl

She’s the girl too sad to cry,
Too down to shed a single tear.
She just holds it all inside
Locked away with fear.

She’s the girl too scared to scream,
Too terrified to yell,
So she’ll just bite her lip,
Hold her tongue, and she won’t tell.

She’s the girl too mad to care,
Too angry to give attention.
So she’ll keep it to herself
And not give it a mention.

She’s the girl that goes unnoticed,
You probably look right past her.
She looks fine from the outside,
But inside she’s a disaster.


You are the virus;
You hacked your way in,
Burrowed into my brain
and soaked through my skin.

Now you’re nearly everywhere,
Tugging my heart and soul,
But for the first time in a while
I’m starting to feel whole.

Am I wrong to feel this way?
Or are they wrong to judge?
For some reason with you near,
I float rather than trudge.

I know I’m better off without you.
I could pull a match and strike it.
I’ll admit, you’re bad for me,
But I’ll also admit, I like it.

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