I Believe in Pickles and Strawberries, by Lyndsey Weyker

I believe in families being close and getting together as much as they can. I have been blessed with 106 relatives on my dad’s side of the family. He has twelve brothers and sisters. Having 13 children was a huge advantage for my Grandma and Grandpa Weyker since it helped them keep their strawberry and pickle fields running for many years. Unfortunately, when my Grandpa Weyker died, the family decided to get rid of the fields that they had owned for so long. After all these years my dad’s family is still proud of their hard work and what they accomplished, which is why the words pickles and strawberries are still brought up all the time at family gatherings.

One gathering in particular is our summer party which is held at my grandma’s house in a small town called Dacada, WI. During this party we have our official strawberries versus pickles softball game. We have the sisters and their families against the brothers and their families. The sisters are the strawberries and the brothers are the pickles. My family goes all out for this event. We have my Aunt Lori sing the national anthem and do the cheerleading, my aunt Lisa announces the game and my little cousins who are not old enough to play, do a sausage race. The children’s sausage race is followed by my aunts doing their own sausage race as well except they like to wear funny costumes. These races usually take place towards the end of the game. The winning team gets a trophy and bragging rights. I look forward to these strawberries versus pickles games every summer. I get the chance to see people I love and play the sport I love all in one gathering.

I feel that families need to hang out as much as they can because you never know when a loved one may pass away. I urge families to have some kind of tradition for relatives to look forward to every year because it will form a bond like the one I have with mine, which is one of the best feelings in the world.



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