The Aardvark, an alphabet story, by David Racer

Aardvarks resemble domestic pigs.

Besides coming from Africa, they are medium in size and slow moving.

Common sense would dictate that I wouldn’t have seen one loping through my backyard last month.

Desperate to find someone to validate my story, I knocked on my neighbor’s door to tell them what I had seen.

Eventually both my neighbors came outside to hear my story.

Frustrated that neither of them believed me, I began my quest to find where the aardvark had run off to.

Goodness knows where it went.

Had it left tracks it would have been easy to follow, and the tracks could be used as evidence of its existence.

I began to have doubts that I had seen it.

Just when I began to think I was delusional, I saw it again.

Knowing that I might not be able to capture it, I ran into the house to find my digital camera.

Luck was not on my side, as it took me several minutes to locate the memory card.

Meanwhile, the aardvark once again disappeared for parts unknown.

No one would believe me without evidence, so I began to walk around the neighborhood, looking for my imagined beast.

Obsessed with finding the aardvark, I spent the next two hours searching before I thought I had found it.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I had seen it again.

Quietly I snuck up on the spot where I thought the animal was resting.

Reality set in when I noticed my “aardvark” was a small child’s wading pool.

Stuff always seems to look different when you’re chasing after it.

Thoroughly disappointed, I abandoned the search and slowly headed back towards my home.

Ultimately I decided my neighbors were right; I hadn’t seen an aardvark in my backyard after all.

Vigilantly I searched for the aardvark on my way home with the faint hope I might stumble across it before I arrived back at my residence.

When I made it back, several people had congregated in my driveway, many laughing at how preposterous they thought my story was.

X-rays of my head were suggested by the next-door neighbor.

Yet to this very day I still believe that an aardvark had run across my yard.

Zebras aren’t usually seen in this area either, but last night, I thought I saw a zebra in my backyard!

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