3 Poems, by Holly A. Johnson

awake in sound

music moves

plush raspberry velvet

and a bitter plank of wood

staccato stakes

sound straight into the ground

space is when you and i see

images we cannot think,

arriving by trios

when we actually breathe

cracked blue glass waves

lap onto terra cotta

who could invent such a thing?

rhythm of mind

in balance with

knees and knuckles

and heart


a pulse that means something


realizing anger came after i heard the mistake

much later.

true nature already knew its job

that moment

no problem

only intention for the one who has tried to harm

intention: may all beings be happy

this being

that being

all beings


gratitude for this moment’s gifts,

then trust reveals what is possible




extinguish desire,

extinguish anger,

extinguish ignorance


compassion heart opens

my heart straight to another’s

what is there to hold onto?

where can it land

in this no body?

with rosewood beads with silky red knots


palms up, (an offering, gentle)

i blow the dust

from my hands

Hope Song

today –

clear sound of two bells

through the din of suffering,

connect one song

courage, protection of another –

shared promise exhaled,

embraces the universe with hope

shout gently with every action

of your together-life

voice vibrates,

never having known doubt –

this is love,

this is love,

this is love.

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