3 Poems by Zach Mathe

In the Dark

In the dark I sip coca-cola

as the days get shorter

the nights get longer

My eyes get darker

the sun gets brighter

but war will continue

I age, and get older

I no longer fight as a fighter


I’ve reached my limit of favoritism

these open walls now form my prison

I’m free to go which way I please

While strangers pass me invitations.

Maybe a group will come along

Too soon- would be our expectations

“We’ll wait for no one!” The people shout!

While I blend away to the segregated.

My sight is frozen in a pool of poison

My gaze is fixed on a culture eroding

My temper’s short, and my voice is strict

to a breed of vultures

that have shown me nothing



Balmy translucent night

take me with you

Gently caress my face

with your potent winds

Kiss me on the lips

with your absent light

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