Sé de Dónde Soy, by Marangelis Figueroa

I am from the only Hispanic family

On the block.

I am from the parents with the tan skin.

I am from the whispers and giggles

Because I was different.

I am from Brisca, Puerquito,

And playing kickball and hide ‘n’ seek

Late into the night until the fireflies came out.

I am from cuts, bruises, and sprains

While playing my favorite games.

I am from having no choice but

To eat arroz con gandules even though

I couldn’t stand it.

I am from that messy room that never

Seemed to be clean, no matter what I did.

I am from throwing away all

The broccoli and peas on my plate

While my parents were turned away.

I am from nearly burning down the kitchen

After burning the chicken.

I am from always creyendo and never

Giving up on my future hopes and dreams.

I am from the besos, hugs, y buenas noches

During the times when that was

All I really needed.

I am from being daddy’s little girl.

I am from the I love you’s

And cuidados.

I am from the ancient island of Borinquen.

I am from mi isla bella.

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