What I Have Seen Has Made Me Stronger, by Lakesha Thomas

Surrounded by a swollen atmosphere of pain and tribulation yet to gain, she conceals her mind into a pure sheltering shield, as if to unfold any personal baggage would be to reveal her true self. How does a woman stand behind her true self when another woman battles everything she’s all about? Being caught in the midst of it all, a woman’s rape that brought her to brutally fall. I feel as if there is no hope; this prison life is difficult to cope. The gate, the keys, the locks, the security is all I see.  Where is God? I thought he would protect me. Blacks, whites, all kinds of race, these prison walls don’t discriminate. I have seen so much, my soul is hurt, when I leave these prison gates, I’ll bury this poem in the teary dirt. Thank you God for saving my life. I promise to be a good mother and wife. That’s what I was given a second chance to be……..So much stronger to be free. THAT’S ME!

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