Find Her Way, by Nicole Thull Santos

Standing on a street corner, no one for her to turn to,

Looking back on her past life, to crystal skies of pure blue,

She doesn’t know where she’s at, or where she’ll end up being,

But she’s tired of all the black, storm-filled skies she has been seeing.

Alone in this world is how it’s got to be

Until the place is found that brings serentity.

Not fame, money or adoration will make her feel fulfilled,

Just an end to life’s desperation and renewed life in dreams once killed.

She seeks to find the truest love, to share in her existence here,

To bask in the light of life, and share in all that’s dear.

It’s not the glitz and glamour, contained in the world at large,

But the creation of the idea, and the grace with which it’s discharged.

She’s got to get away from the life she’s living now,

Keep struggling to find the Who’s, When’s, Where’s, Why’s and How’s.

Entwined in a world where she can’t lift her voice in song.

So she’ll keep searching  for answers on a road that’s far too long.

She’s got to break free from the chains of her isolation,

Searching for the faith to escape from her damnation.

Through tears and pain she can’t seem to understand

Why the dream filled skies remain her fairyland.

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