Infancy, by Emilee Rueda

Everything is so new,

Colors and objects to view.

Inside the womb,

Was equivalent to a tomb.

So dark…hearing only mutter,

She would move to give a flutter.

Now all is so unfamiliar,

Although voices and movement seem similar,

I’m not sure what’s surpassed,

First she’s calm, but chaos comes last.

She’ll find new comfort around her,

Sometime will take, being she’ll demur.

Real feelings of love and emotion,

Nestled in Momma’s arms, knowing devotion.

This girl has now entered our world so open and pure,

For her love is so new to us, it is truly a cure,

To anything poison in our mind,

Look closely at your child, it isn’t hard to find.

That love and empathy like no other,

Blessed only with child is her Father and Mother.

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