A Busy Day in an Ethnic Restaurant, by Kenisha D. Vann

Austrian antelope puree the cantaloupe.

Brazilian bats roll bread dough out until it’s flat.

Canadian colts cream fresh dried oats.

Dominican dolphins take out the oven baked muffins, so they can soften.

European eels stir fry shrimp on the grills.

Finland flamingoes stuff fat filled fajitas, and serve adult guest with margaritas.

German giraffes give orders to the cooking staff.

Hungarian herring do the salad stirring.

Irish red ibus sculpt massive bulk ices.

Jamaican jackals machete coconut and make the sound of crackle.

Kenyan kangaroos pour veggies in the kitchen stews.

Leone lemurs cool down chicken broth steamers.

Madagascar minks clean food out of sinks.

Norwegian nightingales store away food pails.

Ookala orangutans freeze beans and brown grain.

Peruvian peacocks pack to-go plates and cakes.

Qumran quails position seafood lobster tails.

Russian rams simmer sweet candied yams.

Sicilian seals professionally garnish dessert meals.

Turkish trout churn butter about.

Uganda unicorns shuck ears of fresh corn.

Venetian vultures prepare ethnic food for different cultures.

Warsaw wildebeest attentively observe the guest feast.

Xijang Xenops sprinkle seasoning on baked pork chops.

Yugoslavia yaks put food on tray racks.

Zambian zebras add zest and zing with slices of tangerine.

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