Joy of a Reunion, by Portia Williams

They bumped into each other in the bank.

One tall and as big as a house

Dressed to kill in his tennis shoes, black t-shirt

Jacket that sparkled like diamonds

His eyes sang a song of sweet delight


The other in sort of disarray

Hair pushed back as in a rush

Dressed as just for everyday

Black coat looked warm with a thumbing delight

Her smile was subtle of glimmering goal teeth


They embraced with thanks-giving

He spoke of how her conversation had saved his life

They spoke of the long road of his ups and downs accomplishments tolls trouble

good and the bad acquisitions of luxuries and the and wonders of life

Neither had a problem with distortion


He thanked her for bringing him to the Lord

Stopped the life of dealing drugs as fast as snow would melt on a hot mountain

Brought together after 20 years what a blessing they said to meet again

The joy in the bank everyone felt

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