Unrealistic, Considering All Things , by Robbyn Tafoya

The biggest problems we can surmise

Come from the altering of conclusions

And conflicting of minds

From the first look into the sky

To calculating the end

To what we would change

If we could do it again

Awake in the dark

A sleep in cold sweats

With vision of the blood

And the tears of our descendants

As we walk around blind

Like rats after cheddar

With our backs against the world

To claim we don’t know any better

I Imagine a place

Undivided into segments

Mapping out new worlds

As a lyric awakened

In this pitch black of a life

I see a tunnel of light

We are the Prisoners of the day

‘Cause we are children of the night

Sitting up on a perch

And gazing from a distance

Through the mind’s eye

Right here is everywhere in existence

Into my courtroom of concept

Live and active

A prophecy in of a dream

And duality of consciousness

Judged with pressure

Through the looking glass into my past

Witness to murder

Victim of visions of my last breath

So I have strange ways of coping with stress

Pondering new ways of order putting old days to rest

Waning like the repetitious act of birth and dying

Frozen cold like stone and now I can’t even cry

In the Mil there is no breaking free from these dynamics

Every man I’ve seen come up, I’ve seen relapse back on it

I’m still wandering these streets

Always grasping through the tips of my fingers

For that spot that’s been waiting for me since the beginning

Couldn’t tell you day from day

But of the motion that changes us

They all just fall with me into my confessions of faith

Grasping for the edge of our universe in the name of understanding

Singing loud in the cathedrals, spiritually advancing

Dancing in the clubs pouring out into the valleys

From these ever flowing rivers to these back alley streets

From the trees to open seas

Herding and planting seeds

Through our movement, seldom seen

Through cycling skies, magic weaved

Graciously and generously open and waiting

and I am unrealistic, considering all things

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