Nemesis Reborn, by Elise Boucher

As it slept you
Slipped a bit into its mouth
You straddled its bare back
Caressed its stripes
Felt the thunder of its sleeping breath.
Did your thighs quiver as you hoped,
Sitting there sure of your domain
Stroking its back like a lover?
Power you thought to command.

As it stretched you
Twisted and clutched at its fur
Your twined fingers like talons
Bloodied its skin
Touched the beat of a living heart.
Did your breath quicken as you waited
Clinging there caught in your moment
Whispering your will, wicked stepmother?
Wars to be waged under your hand.

As it leapt you
Learned its terrible truth
You found yourself food for the beast
Thrown, devoured alive,
Flesh torn from your skin.
Did you remember your name
In those last red moments
Screaming there defeated and disgraced
Wondering when your wakening would begin?
You can not ride the tiger and savor your win.

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