Suicidal Nightmare, by Jeff Henry

It’s the tone of your voice

As we’ve been here before

Our laughter grows cold

As you close the door

You smile with a knowing

Saying it’ll be all right

You sit me down

Tonight will be our last night

Your eyes have a fury

That I know all too well

Deep with passion

When you’re high as hell

Two lines of cocaine

A knife with a will

Sea of razorblades

And a bottle of pills

As you swallow hard

Fifteen pills at least

So pure and ready

To meet the beast

I crush your hands

After you slit my wrists

Eyes locked together

In a cloud of mist

Say what you will

To save yourself

There’s no escape

That we’re dying in filth

My mind begins to swim

As my throat goes tight

My body goes numb

As our world goes white

My eyes flash open

Just to see you there

All to realize

It was only a nightmare

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