KING SAGGITARIUS, by Kiandria Harris

A zodiacal Constellation between scorpion and Capricorn

Determination for knowledge, Envied, hated with illogical excuses


Being righteous and royally born, Careworn

Simply irresistible to my existable being, king

To my queen, jack to my ace, face to my face

Is where I want to be incompatible, with this

Worldly place we call home, makes me feel

All warm and tingly inside, finally have some-

One to call my own


Between the 240th & 270th degree of Celestial

Longitude matched with the 210th & sharing the

240th degree of celestial longitude


Outwardly reflective, selective when it comes to

Life, strongly, undoubtfully, willfully, and wonderfully

Made, wishing you were duplicated twice

Lyrics n flow are so nice n I love the way those lips talk

To the mic,Your words enter my mouth like a lyrical

Substance, taking over my mind, making me spit up

Non acceptable lyrical abusive nonsense, speaking

Life into the atmosphere for the period in time of

This hemisphere, letting ya fans know you care,

Dare you to rap a whack dance song n although

Hip hop won’t last long in this next generation,

You won’t be the first and you won’t be wrong

Speak the truth, it’s what you do

Spitting flow down like an atomic bomb

Letting the world know you’re the chosen one


It’s like tomorrow can be seen, but not

Touched, stared at and gazed at like the sun;

Light of the world, like values admired and not stored


A tsunami in a hurricane storm, saggitarius cozy and warm

November 27th a star was born




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