Stereotypes, by Guinevere Hicks

Pick up your sword
Dear child of this forsaken society
Fight. *Tatakae
You are no object
You are no symbol
You are no slave
Dear little girl of this wretched society
Stand with your sword
Defend yourself!
You shall not allow men to have their way
Body of intelligence
Core of philosophy
Embodiment of spirit energy
That is who you are
This is your true self
You shall not bow down to evil men
Rise with your sword
You shall not be a plaything
Get ready to strike
You shall not be told how to live
Blade at the ready
Dash towards your opponent with complete confidence!
Do not wavier as you cut away at him
Cut away the unethical clothes
Cut away the overpriced make-up
Cut away the subordination
Cut away at the gender roles of this society
Keep fighting!
You must win against the stereotypes

*Tatakae means ‘fight’ in Japanese

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