The Lights on the Hill, by Delaney Trezise

The sky felt pitch black

Against the light of the stars

Glimmering out from our torches.

Father in the lead, we ran through the fields

Anxious enough to explore the night.


That grassy bouquet would fill our noses

As the tufts brushed against

Our barren skin.

Shining our stars in every direction

Praying for safety on our trek up the hill.


Grandma’s house could just barely be seen

Atop the slope, in the blackness of night.

“Shut off the flashlights,” my father requested.

“I’m sure that the sky

Will lend us its light.”


A leap of faith and a dousing of torches

A moment of dark, a tremor inside.

But extinguishing what light we had

Helped the universe

Shine brighter above.


It was there that I learned not to fear the dark

And to not cling to my flashlight so tight.

For though you may not know it,

But in the dark on the hill

Is where the world hides its most glorious light.






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