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Your Song Your Life, Stolen by Elliot Treasure

Delayed was your departure from this world

Ended with a single stroke of bad luck

Crashing your dreams, like the bottle to your scalp

He had but one job, one important role to play

Yet he failed you, didn’t he?


Drinking away his days, for what?

Sure the apartment was small

One wife, one daughter

Crammed into one tiny room

Was it really that bad?


You had always made the honor roll

Skin fair, with hair as red as the rising sun

Stranger to cops, Respected amongst peers

A daughter he should have held dear


Wife had always been at his side

Bills paid on time, friends covering his back

Pay was steady, albeit not that great

Was it really that bad?


Life was hard for you, because of him

Disgusting, loathsome, drunk

No one should have ever called him father

He had but one job, one important role to play

Yet he failed you, didn’t he?


To celebrate your rise, yet cause an untimely demise

Forced to wake amongst the living, yet imitate the dead

Sentenced to life, with no parole

He had but one job, one important role to play

Yet he failed you, didn’t he?


Though, you never complained

Rather, you sought a new life

Following down a different path

Forging something true, something you knew you had to do


I remember the days you spent honing your craft

Polishing, re-stringing, practicing on that six string of yours

Performing on every street corner

Auditioning every chance you got

Perfecting something true, something you knew you had to do


Lashing out in defiance

Speaking to all who would hear

Targeting the children of misfortune

So they may know, they are never alone

Above all else, you wanted to show the world

You would no longer be the victim




To have come so close

Yet yield no respectable resolution

Such is the way of this world, some days

On the other hand though

What else did you have to lose?

Forked Tongue, by Marilyn Fleming

the floor

of the mouth

at the groove

split at the tip

—a divide of

words running

fast— untied

like a shoe flap

Whistle, by Marilyn Fleming

thin blade

            taut between thumbs—palms touch

            purse lips—blow

Drowning, by Marilyn Fleming

—your eyes

the color of

coffee beans

honey locust

seed pods

the dark skin

of a Japanese beetle

water buffalo

in still water

two polished

chestnuts lurking

like a hawk circles

or a cougar stalks

—your eyes

deep enough

to drown in

Dominic, by Veronika Greco


We think he has Downs

Crying, anguish, fear, distress

He looks different- but maybe they’re wrong

No, it’s true- what am I going to do

Love him, squeeze him, praise Him, teach him

Cool glasses Dominic!

Four eyes – four eyes (taunting)

Momma – no 4 eyes – only 2

I know sweetie, they can’t count

Those foot braces look awesome!

He runs like a chicken (taunting)

Momma – no chicken- I go fast

I know sweetie, first place, first place

Time for speech

Duh, duh, duh, duh (taunting)

Momma- no duh, duh – I talk good

I know sweetie, they just couldn’t hear you

Re-tard, Re-tard (taunting)

Momma – no re-tard- I smart

I know sweetie, I love you


dear depression, by Jessica Byrne

you have held far too much power over me for far too long.                                         

i have been so intimidated by you; i thought i could never match you.

you have been so imposing and overpowering; i thought i had no chance. no control. no choice.

but i do.

i do have a choice, and i choose to live.

to live and to feel hope, and joy.

to shrug off the apathy you cloak me in and rise above the depths of your despair.

i will not be overtaken by you.

this is not a battle you can win, my friend.


you found me at a young age and you pulled me in close.

you whispered your malice in my ear and you walked me down all the wrong paths.

you led me into dark corners and let me trip over the roots of the horrors you were planting.

you held me back when i wanted to push forward. you pushed me ahead when i needed to stay still.

you took my hand and you led me toward the end, but i said no.

i let you stay with me, winding around my legs as i tried to run, slowing myself down to keep in pace with you, trusting in your choking presence.

i let you rise up with a vengeance and swallow me whole.

i bled for you, i wept for you, i screamed for you.

i let you drag me down deeper than i knew possible, and i felt true fear.

but no more.

you can’t have me anymore. you can’t be with me anymore.

you will stay back, out of the way, and let me move on.

i know you will always be there, watching and waiting, but you will not come forward.

you will not make a move, and you will not get close to me.

you will not hold me back and you will not take me down.

i will not die because of you.

you will not win.

i will win.

you will lose


Saw the Light, by Juan Del Aguila

I don’t understand

What’s so great about it?

It’s just there

It didn’t take me where I wanted to go

Last thing I remember is a light,

More like a spark

Still not one I wanted to see.

Trucks lights,

Right in my face, not stopping

My mother crying, my father mad

Cop lights in their driveway

Not the lights they wanted to see

An then I saw the light

Not one I wanted to see

A Red light



Not everyone goes to heaven

Water, by Juan Del Aguila


The purest thing on earth

It can determine life or death

No other thing has the same power

If there was a god

It’ll be made out of water.

Questioning, by Juan Del Aguila


Is what I was told

Unless it was about “the men above”

I was judged

By those who said

Only he can judge

So I ask and no answer has come

Questions is all I had

Is he real? Or not?

Should I follow my gut?

Or those that follow blindly

no answer came

They told me what I need was faith

And all the answers would come pouring

But instead I got logic that’s when the answers started pouring.

Long Journey, by Holly Wilde

Sinking. Faltering.

Losing control of life.

In too deep. No way out.

The journey is unforgiving.

Heart full of doubt.

It will get better, they say.

Be strong, they say.

I hope. I dream of that day.

Hand over the burden.

For a minute. For an hour.

To not feel the weight

A blessing.

A power.

Taking it back little by little.

Strength. Perseverance.

Help rolls off the tongue.

The first step is taken forward.

The next step has begun.

Pulling out of the sink hole.

Fighting. Loving.

No more falling.

No longer alone

In a lifetime of stalling.

Coming through to the other side.

Seeing the light.

Picking up the pieces

that have shattered around me

in the dark of night

It will be ok, they say.

and in the light of day,

on the moons hem

I am starting to believe them.